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About our firm

Volentech is a multi-discipline engineering design firm experienced in the latest cutting edge technologies offering our customers innovative solutions in Hardware, Firmware, Embedded and Software applications. We deliver projects with complete customer satisfaction using end user feedbacks.

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Our portfolio

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Single Board Computer and Android TV Box

Sydney, Australia
Jul 11, 2018
  • Rockchip RK3399 based Processor with 1.8Ghz & ARM core
  • LPDDR4 4GB RAM with EMMC module and 8GB ROM
  • Supports 4K HDMI Display Module and 1GB Ethernet
  • WIFI/Bluetooth with USB Type A, Type B, Type C and TF Card
  • Supports Infrared Sensors, Power Management and RTC
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SAS Gaming Management System

Livermore, California
Apr 23, 2020
  • Gaming Management and Data Acquisition System
  • Counter Deployment for Coin measurement, Cash Counting etc.
  • Motor Driver, Light and Temperature Sensing Unit
  • Data processing via PC software application
  • WIFI, BLE, Ethernet, USB Interfaces

What our clients say

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Design a device to measure pressure sensor and collect data wirelessly

I have been working with a number of electronics engineers in the past and nobody has been as professional as Yugansh at Volentech. Truly an expert in their filed. Definitely recommend to anybody looking for an electronics engineer.

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Ruslan Karuzov
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Develop a 12V Lithium Ion Battery Management System Design

Volentech did excellent work. We were on a time crunch for several components of the project and he did what was necessary to keep us on schedule and get the component designs in place for delivery to our customer

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Eric Rountree